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About BIG

Our vision is to create a vibrant community that attracts and ignites entrepreneurial growth and success.

The Business Innovation & Growth (BIG) Council is a membership based organization. BIG’s mission is to lead development of “high-impact, high-growth entrepreneurs” and proactively grow their businesses by providing education, resources, leadership, and visibility.

BIG launched in 2006 with 13 Founding Trailblazers who were committed to creating an organization run by and run for entrepreneurs to further their growth potential and to create economic value for the region. The Founding Trailblazers were also committed to building a community of high growth entrepreneurs by providing:

  • Like-minded peer-to-peer network
  • Education of best practices for high-growth/fast-growth companies
  • Leadership & mentoring support for early stage entrepreneurs
  • Access to relevant resources, capital, and expertise

 Below are the Founding Trailblazers of BIG:

  • Rudy Alexander, 11 giraffes (previously Elevator Channel)
  • Reggie Bowser, Red Bow Photo, (previously Rollover Systems)
  • Richard Brasser, The Targeted Group
  • Ryan Dienst, GMI (Global Medical Imaging)
  • Naras Eechambadi, Quaero (now owned by CSG Systems)
  • Preston Fay, Technekes
  • David Jones, Peak 10
  • Bill May, iQmetrix (previously Work Wireless)
  • Frances Queen, Queen Associates
  • Dan Roselli, RED F
  • Bob Salvin, Salvin Dental Specialties
  • Scott Spanbauer, Bridgebuilder
  • Thad Throneburg, Throneburg, Inc, (previously Medflow)

BIG has continued to grow in membership since its inception. BIG also continues to expand the programming to meet the needs of the entrepreneurial community, including the launch of a new initiative focused on sustainability.

In addition to BIG’s relationship with Inc. Magazine, BIG partners with many local and regional organizations to serve the entrepreneurial community.

BIG is supported by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Council.


Having a group of smart business owners to talk with and bounce ideas around with is worth the cost of membership by itself. The training, networking and strategic partnerships is the reason that BIG is the only group of its kind RedF belongs to.
- Dan Roselli, Co-founder, Packard Place
We tend to be the island unto ourselves, but Terry’s done a fantastic job bringing like minds together so we can help each other. BIG is the first organization I’ve seen that truly has the entrepreneur’s best interest at heart.
- Preston Fay, CEO, Technekes
BIG is a great resource for my company and for the entrepreneurial community in Charlotte. The content is stimulating and really adds value. It is critical for me as an entrepreneur to have a few outlets to get focused, generate new ideas, and to think creatively on how to improve my business.
- Ryan Dienst, CEO, Blue Ox
The open sharing among the members of BIG allows me to learn from the mistakes others have already made. It gives me hope that I can conquer my own challenges and see myself on the other side of an upstart business to a successful high growth company. It is the only place to get real education concerning entrepreneurship.
- Angela Gala, Rogers & Gala Creative
One of the great benefits of high level learning programs and peer to peer discussions that BIG offers is that it gets your mind spinning on the right RPM to create innovation. Even beyond any specific content, once you are thinking at that level, other great things come out of it. There are great benefits to getting in the thinking zone and talking with others in that same mind frame that goes well beyond just the content delivered.
- Richard Brasser, CEO, rFactr
BIG under Terry’s leadership has been an enormous benefit to me as I have traveled the journey of starting a business. Without Terry’s counsel and strategic connections, I would have stumbled many more times than I already have! She has coordinated discussions with key experts in whatever issue I needed help resolving, and they have graciously and expeditiously connected with me. Her business acumen and clarity of the course of entrepreneurs has been invaluable to me as a new business owner.
- Lynn Ivey, CEO, The Ivey
BIG is an incredible value proposition for any entrepreneur. The return on my investment in this organization continues to exceeded my expectations. Terry Cox is savvy in her ability to provide endless resources, business advice, and a strong network of energized supporters. BIG provides members a forum to interact with each other in a trusting and collegial manner. I am always inspired by my fellow entrepreneurs enthusiasm and contagious drive.
- Paulette Ashlin, Ashlin Associates