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BIG is made up of and supported by its members comprised of high growth entrepreneurial companies. Membership ensures a level of commitment among entrepreneurs to foster an environment of open idea exchange.

What stage is your business in? Since the needs of entrepreneurs change depending on what stage their business is in, BIG maintains two levels of membership, Pathfinders and Trailblazers, and offers relevant programming for each level.

Membership is by company only and targeted to CEOs, Founders, and executive level participation.

Pathfinder Members

Pathfinders represent start-up and early-stage companies who exhibit high growth and high impact potential. Pathfinders face the many common challenges associated with launching a new company. Through education and collaboration, Pathfinders will more effectively navigate from an early-stage company to the next level of growth advancing them to Trailblazer membership.

Pathfinder Membership: $1,000 annually (or $100 monthly)

Pathfinder Benefits:

  • Monthly BIG Ideas Exchange- facilitated discussion of certain topics based on content from business books
  • Periodic Seminars on Best Practices- Sales, Marketing, Hiring, Raising Capital, Finance, and Technology
  • Quarterly Roundtable Discussions with Trailblazers
  • Access to Coaching, Resources, and Partner Organizations at discounted fees
  • Joint events with both the Trailblazers and Pathfinders
  • Invitation to attend one Trailblazer event of their choice
  • Access to BIG’s Executive Advisory Board
  • Access to BIG Group on LinkedIn
  • Future services: Interactive website; Online content and resources; webinars; recorded events on website

Trailblazer Members

Trailblazers represent “second-stage” entrepreneurial companies that enthusiastically play a key role in the region’s economic success.  Trailblazers on average exhibit the following characteristics:

  • In operation at least 3 years
  • Revenue greater than $2M
  • Annual growth rates of 20% or higher
  • Minimum of 7 employees

Trailblazers can also be serial entrepreneurs who have successfully exited a company and are involved in a new venture.

Trailblazer Membership:

  • CEO only- $3,000 annually (or $300 monthly)
  • CEO and Executive Team- $5,000 annually (or $500 monthly)

Trailblazer Benefits:

  • Access to all Pathfinder benefits listed above
  • Trailblazer Speaker Events: Education of Best Practices for Fast Growth (approx 6 per year), to include Exit Strategies
  • Talent recruitment for member companies and job fairs
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Access to Exclusive Advisory Services & Events at a discounted price
  • “Concierge” services for relevant resources for business growth
  • Unique exclusive programming – Annual Retreat on Sustainable Innovation
  • Trailblazer CEO Lunches arranged by Terry Cox
  • Future Services: Topic Driven Roundtable Discussions with facilitator, Thought Leadership Seminars

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